Frequently Asked Questions

Why Shooter’s Gold Basketball Camps?
I started the camps to reach out to small towns and cities that didn’t offer basketball programs. The program and format for Shooter’s Gold is unique in the approach to learning the game and having fun! We pride the camp on the positive nature and the exuberant energy that occurs at each and every camp held throughout the state.

Do you allow beginners at your camps?

We are most interested in the campers that are motivated to learn the game while having fun! Each camp is challenging and provides appropriate skills for the camper’s development. Yes. Beginners are very welcome at camp!

What is the player to coach ratio?
Each camp will have a ratio that will allow campers to ask questions and feel important! Generally, the ratio to camper to coach is about 1-6 or 1-7.

What is your coaching background?

I have been a coach at many levels from youth basketball to Division III basketball. I have coached, lectured and worked at many well-known camps around the country during my summers and coached some very successful college teams at Plymouth State College and now NHTI in Concord, NH. My education background also includes 20 plus years of teaching physical education to boys and girls K-12.

Why so much emphasis on fundamentals?

I believe it is where all players need more work to develop skills and abilities important to the game. I also believe our coaches will present concepts to team basketball that will be important to the success of the camper trying to become a member of his/her team at whatever the level of competition is.

Do you get involved with the teaching?
Yes. I am directly involved at all camps especially the Point Guard and Specialty Camps. I am present at every Shooter’s Gold camps throughout the week to emphasize important aspects, provide some lectures, conducting closing/opening ceremonies, pep talks and to highlight the skills of our unique basketball camp that should be learned by our campers.

Do your camps fill up?

Yes. The Point Guard and Specialty Camps will be completely full by the beginning of May! Waiting lists are established when the camps become full.

Why the Point Guard/Post Player Camp?
I feel that players need to be exposed to the skills and drills that will enrich their game. I also feel that the size of the camp is beneficial for their development. I take about 60 campers with the philosophy that shooting technique, ball handling, positional play and team concepts will be given the maximum attention. This is a camp for the “serious” camper wishing to gain an advantage towards being successful at his/her level of competition.

How do you accommodate both the beginners and the more accomplished players at the same camp?

We divide players by age and ability! We allow beginners to “grow” and be challenged in a similar manner as the more advanced players. All players learn to understand what being self motivated means and how to grow their game through our feedback!

How are the resident halls monitored?
All of our overnight campers are housed in Strout hall on campus of NHTI located on the south end of NHTI’s beautiful campus! Coach Hogan and his staff are in the hall overnight. We complete a bed check each night at approximately 10:30! Lights are out! For the Specialty Camp, boys and girls are on different floors and are not allowed to visit the other floor. We have a camp meeting area on the first floor in the large TV-pool area.

How do I handle roommate requests?
Please indicate your choice on the registration form. We will attempt to meet all roommate requests. There is limited number of triples available. First come-first serve!

What is the Canteen?
A coach designated to handle camper’s money during the week. Campers can use this credit to purchase items at night (soda, Gatorade, water, popcorn, pizza, hot dogs etc.) or to purchase apparel from the camp store such as t-shirts, shorts or sweatshirts. We prefer that campers do not carry cash with them on campus or have any valuables in their room or their gym bag.

Where do campers eat at NHTI?
We eat at the NHTI school café located in the Little Hall on the campus of NHTI. Little Hall is just minutes from the Wellness Center and located in the heart of NHTI’s beautiful campus. A full range buffet of items is available for each and every meal that is eaten in the school café! A salad and fruit is available for lunch and dinner.

What other types of clinics do you do for towns, recreation programs or schools?
I will go directly to a group upon request to perform the type of clinic or camp requested like working out a varsity or junior varsity team in or out of season, directing a youth coach’s clinic for the town’s recreation program or providing a motivational speech to a group of students or assembly at a school. Any of these are available with proper scheduling at any time during the year.