What to Bring

Point Guard/Post Player & Specialty

All overnight campers need to bring pillows, linen, towels, blankets, baby powder, toiletries, a fan, and a clock. In addition, please bring enough basketball apparel including sneakers, shorts, t-shirts, white socks, and undergarments to last the entire week. A basketball should be brought to camp by each camper (clearly marked) or campers may purchase a ball at the camp store.

All campers will receive a t-shirt and a workout program but each camper should bring their own basketball or purchase a camp basketball. The camp store which will sell camp apparel during the day or drinks/snacks will be available throughout the week and will be set up in the NHTI Wellness Center lobby on the first day of camp during registration.

Roommate requests will be honored if possible! Campers should indicate on the registration form who they would like to have for a roommate! Most rooms are doubles but usually we have 2 triples available!

A confirmation letter will be sent out approximately one month prior to the first day of camp with specific camp information and any forms necessary for a successful camp experience. Health forms are available on the website and are required for the Specialty and Point Guard Camps. The health forms should be brought into camp for registration.

Registration is held in the NHTI Wellness Center lobby on the campus of NHTI in Concord, NH! (Located at the junction of Rt.93 (Exit 15 E) and Rt. 393 (Exit 1) where the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium is located!

Point Guard: First Day Registration is 8 am-8:45 am (Camp begins immediately after registration).
Specialty: First Day Registration is 12 noon-1:00 pm (Camp begins immediately after registration).

Rip City

Campers should arrive between 8:15-30 each day for Session I and between 3:45-4 pm for Session II.

Session I
campers should bring a light lunch along with snacks, water and juice.
Session II campers should bring snacks and beverages for the evening session.

Shooter’s Gold


Everyday, every participant should bring a juice, water and snack for daily sessions. Players should be equipped with sneakers, shorts, T-shirts, white socks, and undergarments. All players will receive a Shooter’s Gold T-shirt and basketball.

Session I players should bring a light snack (juice, fruit, water).
Session II players should bring a light lunch.

A camp confirmation letter is sent out approximately 2 weeks prior to start of the camp with specific Shooter’s Gold Site information.

Please do not bring jewelry, watches, or gum to any camp or clinic.

Play On! Soccer Camp


Campers should arrive ready to play bringing their soccer ball, carrying their cleats (optional), shin guards (required), mouth guards (optional), snacks, drinks, health questionnaire (click link to download or complete form sent with the campers letter that arrives about 30 days prior to camp).

First day registration between 8:15-30. Camp starts daily at 8:30. Daily drop-off at 8:15-30.

Players can sign up for one or two weeks. Camper registration is limited.

Please do not bring jewelry, watches, or gum to any camp or clinic.