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Hogan Camps provides a variety of basketball and soccer camps and clinic. See below for more information on available programs.

  • Point Guard/Post Player Basketball Camp

    Girls: Sunday, July 1st – Tuesday, July 3rd

    Boys: Thursday, July 5th – Saturday, July 7th


    The Point Guard Basketball Camp now entering its 16th year offering the very best in individual instruction was created in response to the need for a high-level “skill camp” that specializes in position play and the skills necessary to be successful. This camp provides a unique opportunity to learn specific elements of “the point guard” and “the post player” play and advanced skill instruction in basketball. Our experienced staff of proven professionals will provide expert instruction and feedback. Campers will be challenged in every session to learn new individual and team skills while developing important concepts on the offensive side of the game.

    What does a player need to have for experience:

    Each player receives a tremendous daily workout specific to their position played. The outstanding facilities and low player-to-coach ratio allows each player to grow their individual game.  We offer a series of drills that develop each player’s level of ability. This is a skill camp that well-known for the positive instruction.

    Why the Point Guard name:

    This camp offers the most information and feedback about how to be a point guard or post player. We take pride in challenging each player to be the best they can be. Our coaches have extensive backgrounds with basketball instruction, especially, teaching play at the point and in the paint. Players will work on basic skills but will be exposed to advanced skills throughout the camp working inside and outside.

    Do I have to be a Point Guard or a Post Player to attend?

    NO. We welcome the serious player intent on improving their game. This camp instructs every position on the floor but primarily serves point guards and paint players. The balance of the camp is dedicated to these positions. We feel that every player will improve their overall game and confidence with our instruction, advanced techniques of teaching and the competition that will be created in the camp structure.

    Does a player have to be experienced to attend the camp?

    NO. The player needs to be a motivated camper looking to improve his/her skill, knowledge and appreciation for the game of basketball. Players come from all over the country especially the greater New England area with all levels of ability to attendthis camp.


    All campers are supervised throughout the day at camp. This is an active camp from the very beginning to the very end with constant practice and time spent in the gym.  Overnight campers are strictly supervised. Lights out ranges from 1-pm-10:15pm for all campers.  The night session ends at 8:30pm and campers have the option to return to the dorm at this time or stay in the gym for extra practice, shooting, or help-sessions with a coach until 9pm. A bed check head count is done throughout the day and at lights out time every evening. Coaches and staff are in the dorm including Coach Hogan. Snacks, pizza, and refreshments are available for purchase using canteen deposits during the post camp time from 9-10pm prior to lights out.

    Girls: Day Campers

    Girls: Extended Day CampersGirls: Overnight Camper

    Boys: Day Campers
    Boys: Extended Day CampersBoys: Overnight Campers



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  • Specialty Basketball Camp

    Sunday, July 22nd – Thursday, July 26th

    Boys & Girls Grades 5th – 12th


    The Specialty Basketball Camp was created in response to the need for a more disciplined learning program in the New England area. This camp is an intense session of teaching and practicing the game of basketball. Our camp emphasizes skills, preparation, and traditional aspects with our Positive Teaching Style. Experienced instructors will build on each player’s foundation of knowledge and skill and introduce our Advanced Techniques to play the game.  The Specialty Camp is now entering its 23rd year of exciting camp experience.


    A challenge to improve and an opportunity to learn and use new skills while having fun. The daily message at 8:30 AM on Monday and throughout the week sets the tone for the camp every day.


     Low player/Coach Ratio – More Teaching – Progression of Skills- Advanced Techniques to Perform- Specialized Instruction- Guest Lectures – Written Evaluation- Great Facilities

    Camp style?

    The Specialty Basketball Camp is a traditional style camp with players divided into age and ability level teams playing 2 games per day along with skill drill stations during the morning and afternoon sessions. the evening session for overnight or extended day campers offers even more instruction and competition.


    Day Campers

    Extended Day Campers

    Overnight Campers


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  • Shooter's Gold Basketball Camp

    Gilford Middle High School June 25th- 29th

    Littleton High School: July 9th – 12th

    Rivendell High School: July 15th – 18th

    Inter-Lakes Elementary School (Meredith): July 9th – 12th

    Cawley Middle School (Hooksett): July 9th – 13th

    Mascoma High School: July 16th-19th


    We are proud to invite you to the 33rd annual summer of The Shooter’s Gold Basketball Camp. This camp will develop each player’s individual skills. We will concentrate on offense, teaching proper shooting form, one on one moves, and how to play the game. We feel it is important for you to develop a love of the game and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you. Many of your favorite coaches and counselors will be back for another great summer.

    Thousands of New Hampshire basketball players have enjoyed the Shooter’s Gold experience for the past three plus decades. We encourage you to pre-register with enrollment limited for every session at every site.

    Shooter’s Gold provides an exciting opportunity to play, practice and learn the game of basketball for an affordable price. Shooter’s Gold camps have helped develop “strong” youth and high school programs over the years in many towns throughout NH. Littleton, Gilford & Laconia are prime examples of the impact of a Shooter’s Gold basketball camp building enthusiasm for a community basketball program.

    Please note the updated schedule with any time/date and location changes! Some important camper information is listed at the bottom of this page.


    Gilford Grades 1-4

    Gilford Grades 5-8

    Littleton Grades 1-4

    Littleton Grades 5-8

    Rivendell Grades 1-4

    Rivendell Grades 5-8
    Inter-lakes Grades 1-4

    Inter-lakes Grades 5-8Cawley Grades 1-4

    Cawley Grades 5-8

    Mascoma High School Grades 1-4

    Mascoma High School Grades 5-8


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  • Rip City Basketball Camp

    Monday, June 25th – Friday, June 29th

    Session 1: Grades 5-11 Boys/Girls                   8:30AM-3:30PM                     Monday-Friday

    Session II: High School Team Camp             4 p.m. – 8 p.m.

    Boys: Monday & Wednesday

     Girls: Tuesday & Thursday

    Interested high school coaches should contact Paul Hogan directly at 603-340-1719 or


    The 10th annual Rip City Basketball Camp is an intense skill camp for the motivated camper. This camp will provide the serious camper a week long opportunity to receive positive instruction while practicing the game of basketball. Our camp emphasizes skills, preparation and traditional aspects of the game of basketball. Our experienced instructors will build on each player’s foundation of knowledge and skill while introducing Advanced Skills and Techniques to play the game.

    Rip City is a team camp with players divided by age into teams for practice, scrimmaging and game sessions in a traditional style camp. Drill stations, team practices, scrimmaging and games will be a regular part of the daily activity at camp supervised directly by Coach Hogan.

    What does a player need for experience? Each player receives a tremendous daily workout and numerous skills to work on at home. The outstanding facilities and low player-to-coach ratio allows every player to grow their own individual game. Full court 5 on 5 games will be played with emphasis on team play and individual skill advancement.

    Why the Rip City Basketball Camp name? Rip City is symbolic of the ability of a player to “swish” the ball. Rip City is also a favorite camp game at all of Coach Hogan’s basketball camps. Competition and skill advancement are key components of every Coach Hogan basketball camp.

    Do I need to be an experienced player to attend the camp?
     No. We welcome the serious player intent on improving their game. This camp instructs every position on the floor. The balance of the camp is dedicated to teaching team play with an emphasis on individual post, perimeter and guard play.


    Session 1

    Session 2


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  • Play On! Soccer Camp

     Monday, July 16th – Friday, July 20th

    Camp Site Directors- Coaches Heidi Crockett (NHTI) & Derek Johnson (St. Paul’s School)


    Play On! Soccer Camp is now entering its 6th year of existence will only be held at NHTI for grades 4-11 boys & girls. The primary focus for Play On! Soccer Camp will be to provide individual instruction in small group settings.

    · Regular team games will be played each day.
    · Special emphasis will be on the players getting many touches with the ball thru the use of small sided games
    · Every session is age appropriate and will demand maximum concentration and effort.

    Camper drop-off: Between 8:00-8:25 AM

    Camper Pick-up at: 10:30 AM for the Little Kickers in grades 1-3 and 3:15 PM for full day for the campers in grades 4-11

    *A confirmation letter is sent out approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the camp.* Campers will receive a camp T-shirt and soccer ball. Special prizes and awards will be presented throughout the week.


    Little Kickers

    Full Day Session


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  • NHTI Clinics

  • Fall Coaches Clinic

    NHTI 15th Annual Basketball Coaches Clinic

    Saturday, October 20, 2018


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